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At Barrymore's Wine and Spirits, our wine store in Saratoga, NY, we understand the importance of finding the perfect food and wine pairing. Our experts have tried and true methods to help you elevate both your meal and your wine selection, ensuring a delicious and complementary experience.

 90+ Cabernet Sauvignon

Step into the world of culinary magic at Barrymore's Wine and Spirit Store, Saratoga, NY! Picture this: an elegant evening unfolds before you, as you delve into the depths of flavor that only a 90 Cabernet Sauvignon red wine can offer. A symphony of aromas fills your senses, from the robust notes of blackberries to hints of vanilla and tobacco dancing delicately on your palate. Now comes the tantalizing question - what recipe can truly complement this impeccable wine? Allow your taste buds to be seduced by a prime cut steak crusted with rosemary-infused sea salt, perfectly seared and cooked to juicy perfection. As its tender flesh meets each sip of the rich Cabernet Sauvignon, an orchestration takes place in your mouth – savory nuances intertwine with velvety tannins; strength embraces elegance. This magical pairing elevates both dish and drink, transporting you to a realm where passion for food and fine wines unite seamlessly. The synergy between Barrymore's divine selection and this delectable meal is nothing short of enchanting – here lies the epitome of indulgence!